Suppliers Orders

Buying the right stock at the right time is one of the critical factors in running a successful business, whether it be books, gifts, fashion items, stationery - in fact regardless of what the business sells; if you haven't got it you will have a harder time selling it and conversely if you stock what customers don't want then you will leave capital tied up which would be better employed doing something profitable.

Merlio keeps track of every item sold, every item ordered by a customer, every item that comes in from a supplier; and collates them together so that you can see the current recommendations at the touch of a button.

Merlio lets you build your Supplier Orders in the way that you want to. Straight replacement? Based on minimum level for core stock?

Merlio provides you with information on past sales history; lets you see emerging trends and ensures that you can take the financial implications of purchasing into account.

Merlio helps you to deal with your Suppliers in the way that suits you best, all the way from printing and posting an Order through to the most modern electronic methods. 

The Supplier Orders Module is integrated with Stock and Customer Orders and will alert you when stock arrives which is needed for Customers 

Merlio provides the information and the technology which modern retail management needs in order to maintain a competitive edge in the high street.


Supplier Orders