Hand Held Terminals

Merlio are agents for the 'Hornet' range of hand held laser scanner terminals. 

The Hand-Held Terminal can be used for a number of key jobs. Booksolve currently provides an interface to the Hornet hand held terminal. This device has a built in laser scanner, and can be used for off-site sales and stocktaking.

The great advantage of the Hornet is that because the laser scanner is built in, it leaves one hand free to handle the books and allows stocktaking by a single person. The time taken to do stock takes can be reduced significantly.

HT630 Hand Held Scanner
Unitech Hornet - HT-630 Series

A rugged, compact, portable Data Collection terminal.

It is the ideal tool to use in the bookshop ands warehouse environment.


  • Compact
  • Laser bar code scanner
  • 2.5Mbytes or 4.5Mbytes of RAM
  • 8 * 20 line backlit display
  • Phosphorescent keys
  • Withstands 1.5m drop onto concrete
  • Communications cradle for quick download



The cost of a Hornet HT-630 terminal starts from £699 (ex VAT) for 2.5Mbytes of RAM and a communications cradle.