Our Pre-sales services are a mixture of consultancy and in-depth understanding of retail concepts and practice.

Detailed consultation early in the sales process will ensure that we pick up on those aspects that make you and your business different to any other and working together we can exploit those elements.

A retail strategy is key to success and Merlio is well placed to assist in bringing together its own software and services alongside third parties that may benefit your business in parrallel.

With our help, retailers can re-invent how they pursue their day to day activities so that ultimately they grow their businesses through new efficiencies, training and disciplines.

Omni- Channel retailing is the latest buzzword used by so many but so often mis-understood.
We have the skills to enable every retailer to tap into what this really means as customers demand the option to shop across so many channels.

Part of our offering is to provide sensible and cost effective help in selecting the right hardware to make best use of our software suite.
A dedicated team can walk you through any number of options that will reflect well on your business both in terms of efficiency, service and aesthetics.

Let Merlio show you how our one stop approach can take the stress out of system selection and deployment.

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