Merlio Remote Till

The Merlio Remote Till Program is a portable module based on the Merlio EPOS Till Screen, that has been designed for use on Tablets, Laptops and other portable PCs. The program works completely 'stand alone', so can be used for fairs, markets, exhibitions or other events.

The till will automatically syncronise with the main Merlio database, so product information is kept up to date without having to maintain a separate database.

All the fundamental Merlio EPOS processes exist on the till, and the layout is almost identical the normal Merlio EPOS screen, so no retraining is required.

The till will automatically upload its sales information back into the main Merlio database, and is simply treated as another till on the system, meaning sales data is available to be interrogated in the usual way.

We can also hire out complete till systems (including hardware) for one-off events if required. Please contact us if you wish to learn more about this service.