Merlio.NET V6.7.1.1 Released

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Major Updates:

Merlio has always had the ability to do 'non stock' sales by putting in an unknown code and selecting a Sales Code to record the sale against, but now it is possible to do a straight Sales Code sale without having to select the sales code (known often in other systems as either a Department or Dump Sale). It works by using a prefix followed by the sales code - the default being XSC. This can be changed if it clashes with existing stock items.

Two Crystal Reports have been added to the system as standard, to showcase the capability of the report engine, and also to provide two new useful reports - a Timeband report, showing a graphical breakdown of your busy periods, and a Combined Z Read report that can be run across Tills, Sessions or Dates.

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • The denominations on the End Session calculator are now configurable.
  • A new flag has been added to prevent usings making 'non stock' sales if required.
  • There has been a general update to the Merlio logging procedure which helps performance.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in the last update where Extra Info screens shown in the Supplier Orders screen would sometimes go out of sync.
  • Fixed an issue where updates in the Lookup Editor could be blocked if the field was being used as a Customer Interest.
  • Cost Price mode could potentially cause a crash on the Sales Screen, this has now been corrected.