Merlio.NET V6.6.5.2 Released

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Major Updates:

Merlio can now run in NET pricing mode for wholesale clients who use ex-VAT pricing. Please note that this mode is currently not available for clients using the Sale or Return Module.

Now, as well as being able to set automatic customer discounts, it is now possible to set customer discounts for specific sales codes. This could be used if a customer has a special rate on only certain types of product, or if a particular sales code has to be exempted from automated customer discounting.

It is now possible to set up Merlio to automatically add a surcharge percentage to credit card transactions. It is recommended that this is used in conjunction with the new Credit Card amount prompt (see Improvements below).

It is now possible to email all Customers with a non-zero balance their statements in PDF format with a single click. This requires the PDF module to be installed and enabled.


Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • It is now possible to attach a Customer Account to a sale at the beginning of a transaction in the sales line screen.
  • The Customer Editor and the Customer Selection screen now displays the selected customer's credit status (30/60/90 day format).
  • Email searching has been added to the Customer Editor. Just simply type an email address into the customer code box to find the customer.
  • A new Quantity prompt for the number of invoices to print has been added. If you sometimes print different numbers of invoices in different scenarios, it is possible for Merlio to simply display a prompt asking for how many you want printing.
  • Merlio can now be setup to prompt for a quantity figure everytime an item is scanned into the sales screen, rather than defaulting to 1.
  • New Credit Card amount prompt. This was added for use with Credit card surcharges, but may be useful for any client with a separate PDQ card machine. At the end of a transaction, the credit card amount is displayed on the screen until the user selects to continue.
  • A new flag has been added to allow discounts to be shown as amounts rather than percentages on receipts.
  • A CountryCode mapping table has been added for use with the Webshop module.
  • The main title on A4 Printouts can now be moved around if required.
  • An issue where labels would sometimes not print has been fixed.
  • An erroneous error message that would display when a known Goods In was selected and saved without any lines being selected has been corrected.
  • In SoR Mixed Invoice mode, an issue where the quantity would not update sometimes has been fixed.
  • The Supplier Discount Changed report now reports correctly - it was periodically not displaying any information before.
  • A problem where sometimes memos could not be printed has been fixed.
  • An issue with Customer Order Allocations, where sometimes the free stock figure would not display correctly has been fixed.
  • The customer order history buttons in the Customer Editor F5 screen would sometimes need clicking twice to function - this has been fixed.
  • An issue where the Customer Order Cancellations screen was not updating its display after a cancellation was saved has been corrected.
  • Added a 'Print All' button to the new Customer Order Allocations screen which will print allocations for all stock items, not just the one selected.
  • Correction made to the new System Reports screen to prevent a problem where the report would sometimes not report back correctly if no parameters had been entered.
  • In Ex-VAT pricing mode, the Customer Discount display on the Tender screen now shows the NET discount amount.
  • Added greater protection for blank email and phone fields in the new webshop module.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the reorder method whilst doing a supplier order would sometimes result in the screen losing focus.