Merlio.NET V6.6.4.1 Released

Friday, August 26, 2016

Major Updates:

System Reports now has a more modern and single screen where all reports can be run from. Additions include the ability to search for reports using keywords, and to enable exporting on any report. Exports can be produced for text files, CSVs and in Rich Text Format, for viewing in applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

We've upgraded the system's standard button to be more modern looking, as well as being more robust for both clicks and keyboard shortcuts.


Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Added a new option to the Customer Order Allocations screen, to allow only items being brought in via a Goods In to be available for  allocation (excluding free stock).
  • The Stock Free figure has been added to the End of Session A4 Sales Report.
  • An issue where labels would sometimes not print from the Dispatch Customer Order and Customer Selection screens has been fixed.
  • The Print Label button on the Tender screen is now disabled if a Customer has not been selected.
  • Stock searching via the Stock Adjustments screen had some minor issues that have now been fixed.
  • A problem where the Supplier Returns printout would sometimes crash has been fixed.
  • A couple of Staff Reports were not functioning correctly and have been sorted.
  • An issue where notes would sometimes not print has been fixed.
  • The Affected Items report was not listing the changed items when a Supplier Discount was changed - this has now been fixed.