Merlio.NET V6.6.2.1 Released

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Major Updates:

Merlio now has a complete multibuy system, allowing for anything from basic BOGOFs and 3for2s up to a meal deal type multibuy.

The Supplier Returns screens have been updated to be more in line with the rest of the system, with additions such as Extra Info screens, Stock History and Stock Editor shortcuts.

A new section, Server Utilities, has been added to the System Parameters screen, which contains some basic Database Performance Tuning functions, as well as the ability to trigger a database backup directly from within Merlio, and upload it to the Merlio team if  required.

Till Settings now join System Settings in having it's own set of parameter screens.


Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • New Special Discount and Currency Editor screens.
  • Staff Reports can now be accessed directly from the Staff Editor.
  • Stock Search screen can now be cached (remembered). This has always been the case in the Stock Editor, but the Stock Search screen can now be set to retain the previous search system wide if required.
  • In the Webshop Module, the Web Product Editor now highlights which online categories are parent categories - these appear bold in the list. This change only applies to the latest generation of the Webshop module.
  • An issue where sometimes the Ctrl+number shortcuts in the new Search Screen would not line up with the displayed columns has been fixed.
  • The Stock Editor Button in the Customer Order screen would sometimes not function correctly when clicked if no row had been selected. This has now been rectified.
  • An issue where errors in a Goods In Session would not display on the screen has been resolved.
  • On the Sales Code Reports screen, an incomplete date field could result in the report crashing - this hads been fixed.
  • An issue where changing the Supplier Discount would sometimes report the wrong number of stock items that would be affected has been fixed.
  • The Label Printing function on the Tender Screen would sometimes produce a blank label, this has been fixed, and an address option screen has also been added.
  • An issue with using the Search Filter in Recommended Orders which would prevent subsequent stock searches from working has been fixed.