Merlio.NET V6.6.1.1 Released

Monday, March 07, 2016

Major Updates:

The customer order allocation system been completely revamped with a brand new screen. It is now also possible to allocate stock from free stock to Customer Orders - not just through a Goods In - but from the Stock Editor, and the Current Customer Orders screen. As well as Good In Sessions, allocations can now also be triggered from the Stock Adjustments screen, including Multi Site Transfers.

The End Session (Z) screen has been rebuilt and improved with the addition of a 'Cash Counter' section. This is a calculator that llows the user to count up the denominations in the till to check the cash figure entered.

A new service offered by Merlio gives access to bibliographic data online from 10s of thousands of titles. If you think you may be interested in using this service, then give the Merlio Sales team a call.

A new module which offers basic Supplier Ordering functionality. This module is available for those users who do not need the full Supplier Ordering capabilities of Merlio (such as Recommended Orders, EDI etc.) but wish to have some way of recording purchase orders.

The updating procedure has been improved, so that the update procedure now only needs to be run on one machine, and can be
triggered by running a designated update program. The other Merlio tills will detect that an update has been applied and update themselves.

Barcodes can now be printed in batch from the Stock Search Screen. It is also possible to generate barcodes for items without a barcode in batch from the Stock Search Screen.

The Advanced Server Setup button in System parameters has been replaced with a System Settings button, where the
settings that affect the whole system can be easily viewed. The Advanced screen is still accessible from within this screen. A similar set of screens for Till Settings is to follow.


Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • The Refund label on the refund screen now has a bright red background, to make it more obvious that the till is in refund mode.
  • An 'Add to Favourites' button has been added to the System Reports screen, so that reports can be added to the favourites section.
  • Barcodes can now be generated on stock import via the Merlio Stock Import tool.
  • VAT is now extracted automatically for non-VAT customers.
  • Standing Order totals are now shown on the Goods In printout if you have the Standing Orders Module
  • When using F11 Edit Stock Code, if the history of the stock code is not brought across, the original stock item will have its barcode removed to prevent duplication of barcodes on the system.
  • The new Allocation system will now automatically set items to be dispatched on allocation if the item has been invoiced, and the auto-disapatch flag is on.
  • Added a refund and discount breakdown to the X and Z reads for systems using Sales Analysis Mode 3 (Gross/NET/VAT breakdown).
  • It is now possible to set the Direct Coms Receipt Printer to be a windows printer.
  • The touchpad in the Tender Screen has been standardised to match the rest of the Merlio system.
  • Addition protection has been added to SoR lay aways. The system will now check an SoR Return/Invoice layway to see if the original issue has be completed elsewhere.
  • In addition to this a new restriction has been added to lay aways - any lay away involving a customer can only be recalled if that customer is currently selected. This was causing some confusion if a user accidentally recalled one customer's lay away whilst another customer was selected.
  • In Nielsen BookData Online Search, the last image paths selected by the user are now remembered.
  • The Barcode Generator in the Stock Editor has been rebuilt with the standardised touchpad.
  • The post code boxes in the Customer and Supplier Editors will now auto-capitalise.
  • Fixed an issue where somethings the lookup editor would not allow any additions to be made to the user defined droplist (i.e. Authors).
  • The Line Total of a Customer Order will now immediately update if an item price is edited via the Stock Editor Button.
  • An issue where changing the quantities in SoR Invoices would sometimes lead to the SoR Balance being incorrect has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ctrl+R refund from receipt option in refunds, where removing lines would sometimes result in the refund failing.
  • Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown shortcuts added to the new Webshop Web products screen.
  • The Barcode Type field in the Stock Editor can now be left blank.
  • A bug where in particular circumstances a Customer code be created with a blank Customer Code has been removed.
  • An issue in the new Webshop module where all Additional Categories for a Web Product could not be removed all at once has been resolved.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the Customer Interests when editing a Customer records have been fixed.
  • Edited the Template Selection windows to make sure that it will always display above other windows, to prevent it from being hidden by third party Windows programs.
  • A legacy wildcard system, where items with 00000 as a postfix in their barcodes automatically were labelled as wildcards, has been removed.
  • An issue when using Direct Coms would prevent the Customer Display Idle string (usually Next Customer Please) from appearing has been fixed.
  • The build number has been added to the Merlio Speed Menu window to aid with support.