Merlio.NET V6.5.3.2 Released

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Major Updates:

New Supplier Editor
The Supplier Editor has been revamped to be more of the style of the Stock and Customer Editors. This includes the addition of a new 'F5' screen, where the Supplier's order history, goods in history and returns history can be view from within the Supplier Editor.

New Customer Search
The Customer Search screen within the Customer Editor has been redesigned in the style of the stock search screen.

New Supplier Search
The Supplier Search screen within the Supplier Editor has been redesigned in the style of the stock search screen.

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Wholesaler Availability has been added to the Customer Order Screens.
  • Telephone numbers are now included on Customer Order printouts. The customer address area will now show the first telephone number stored against the customer for reference.
  • Extra 'Are you Sure?' style message has been added to the Move Stock Items function in the Supplier Editor.
  • Changed the character restriction in the Reservation system from 20 characters to 40 characters.
  • Stock search now highlights the first entry when the screen is recalled in the Stock Editor.
  • Stock Search screen printing will now sort by the column that the on screen results are sorted by, if it exists in the printout columns.
  • Issue with the Direct Comms 'Use Report Printer' Receipt printer setting has been corrected.
  • An issue where the awaiting quantity (dispatch) in a Customer Order  could in very rare circumstances go awry, has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue when the running balance in the Customer Account History report would not display.
  • Extra protection has been added to the Stock Adjustments Confirm button to prevent double presses.
  • Minor protection changes have been applied to the Customer Editor drop lists.
  • The Opacity setting for the pop up touchscreen keyboard has been removed as this is no longer supported with the new keyboard.
  • Added extra protection to the Supplier Order Editor Screen to help with historical stock records having deleted suppliers attached.