AVG Anti-virus Users

Thursday, August 13, 2015

We have noticed in recent weeks - possibly as a result of an update released by AVG - that if Merlio is not in AVG's exception list, strange behaviour will cause the system to crash.


When running Merlio alongside AVG, trying to input text into any multi-line text box (i.e. a notes field, or the Stock Adjustments reason box) will cause the system to hang, and eventually crash.


AVG is interfering with an underlying Windows library that controls the languages being used by Windows. When Merlio attempts to access this library, it cannot be found or used.


When using any anti-virus software, there is a setting where you can list programs that are exempt from being scanned. These are usually called Exemptions or Exceptions. We always recommend that Merlio.exe is placed in this list for all anti-virus programs, but this is absolutely essential for AVG.

If you do experience the above problem and are not sure how to configure your anti-virus, please do not hesitate to call the helpdesk on 08454 300 310.